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Garment Care


Delivering enduring, considered luxury products to our customers, is at the heart of what Sills + Co do. Making quality garments to be enjoyed well beyond a season is core to our business and the right choice for our planet. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure alignment with our values.

Environmental issues in the fashion industry are complicated and far reaching. At Sills + Co, we know we cannot change everything overnight, but our commitment is to Evolve Responsibly towards becoming a fair, regenerative and sustainable business.

Evolving Responsibility Cornerstones are our company values, and outline our goals and achievements for a sustainable business. These are at the heart of every decision we make, and are under constant review, ensuring we are satisfying best practice.


We are dedicated to constantly evolve as a business, ensuring we are looking at every part of our processes to help reduce waste and emissions through our entire supply chain. Considered materials, minimal waste, and reducing energy usage are our key considerations. Click for more info


By extending the working life of our products, we are reducing waste to landfill. "Our mantra is less but better, buy something that lasts and achieve longevity and sustainability with fashion” - Ange, Sills + Co head designer. Click for more info 


Our people are of the utmost importance to us at Sills + Co. We are focused on how we can be more responsible in our business practices, ensuring the rights of all the people involved in our product lines are upheld.

Currently 70% of our Sills + Co clothing is made locally in New Zealand, helping to support the local industry and employment. Our remaining long standing suppliers are based in China and Nepal, and are especially skilled in their craft,  many in family business within their community. Click for more info


We enjoy working with our charity partners, giving back to our local community, and collaborating in initiatives that foster wellbeing. We currently contribute to Lifeline, Dress for Success, and Auckland City Mission among others. Click for more info