Premium yarn with a luxurious soft hand feel for the ultimate in luxury knitwear. Made from the finest cashmere fibres sourced from Inner Mongolia.
• Sustainable – Sourced only from farms where strict controls of herd size per acre is adhered to, ensuring sustainability and care for the environment. Our supplying mill of the Cashmere yarn test their cashmere fibers at an independent laboratory for purity to check for 100% Cashmere DNA.
• Traceable – Yarn mill works closely in collaboration with only a select group of farms in specific regions within inner Mongolia. Documentation systems are in place carefully monitoring the collection of fibers from these regions ensuring transparency of information from fiber collection through sorting, dying, spinning, inventory control and distribution to be able to identify the fiber from source to final cone for knitting. 

• Gentle hand wash, inside out in cool water.  Use a wool wash and never use fabric softener.
• Roll in a towel and press water out, then shape, and dry flat in shade.
• Steam or press gently on a wool setting through a damp cloth if necessary
• Cashmere, like all wool reacts to its environment. Pilling on new cashmere is normal, and usually forms on the areas of greatest friction as the loose fibres disperse, and contrary to popular belief, does not reflect quality. Gently remove pills by hand or with a gentle pill comb before washing and you will find that any pilling soon stops.
• Store your Cashmere clean, as perfumes and body oils can attract moths. Moths hate lavender and cedarwood, so a few drops on a tissue in your draw is a great tip, and your Cashmere will smell gorgeous.


Made with the world’s leading ethical merino wool, ZQ verification ensures the merino you wear is held to the highest standards of farming, land management, animal welfare and sustainable textile production. The wool is Ethical and Traceable to farms in New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, all of which are ZQ Certified - meaning that each individual producer meets strict animal welfare, environmental sustainability, fibre quality, traceability, and social responsibility standards.

• Gentle hand wash cold or up to 30 degrees
• Do not bleach
• Dry flat
• Iron gently on a wool setting


A sumptuous knitwear blend that is super soft and silky with 5% Cashmere giving this yarn an added element of warmth and luxury.
• Organic cotton.
• The cashmere element of this yarn is sourced from traceable areas of Inner Mongolia with limited grazing and animal care initiatives in place. See further information in our CASHMERE section.

• Gentle machine wash cold or 30 degrees
• Do not bleach
• Dry flat
• Iron gently on a wool setting

cotton modal

Natural breathable Cotton, blended with Modal which has a natural softness and comfort, efficient moisture management, enhanced breathability, very good color fastness, and durability.
• Sustainably sourced Cotton from suppliers who aim to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.
• Sustainably sourced Modal from suppliers who are focusing on sustainable harvesting and clean manufacturing. The bulk of ours comes from renewable beech trees which grow quickly, don’t rely on artificial irrigation, and actually propagate on their own. 80% of solvents are recovered and reused by making them into non-toxic by-products like common cleaning products.

• Hand or gentle machine wash cold or 30 degrees
• Do not bleach
• Dry flat in the shade
• Steam or gentle press on a wool setting


Cellulose fabrics, such as rayon, viscose, modal or lyocell, are increasing being used by the fashion industry. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies forests all over the world to ensure they’re responsibly managed and meet the highest environmental, economic, and social standards. It means transparency and a more mindful approach to production of cellulose fabrics that are derived from wood pulp.. 

• Check the care label before washing
• Hand wash gently at a lukewarm or cold temperature
• Dry in the shade
• Steam or gentle press