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Garment Care


Caring for your knitwear correctly will allow you to enjoy your beautiful garments season after season. We recommend a gentle hand wash, inside out in cool water. Use a wool wash or mild shampoo and never use fabric softener. To dry, simply roll in a towel and press excess water out, then shape and dry flat in shade. You can steam or press gently through a damp cloth on a wool setting if needed.

TIP: For faster drying fold your knit between a towel and hang over a heated towel rail. The towel protects the garment from direct heat and gently dries.

TIP: Store your knitwear clean, as perfumes and body oils can attract moths. Moths dislike Lavender and Cedarwood, so a few drops on a tissue in your drawer is a great tip, and your knitwear will smell gorgeous.

Should any pilling occur gently remove them by hand, or with a gentle depiller comb, or an electric depiller machine before washing. High grade knitwear such as ours will stop pilling soon after purchase.


Taking special care of your delicates such as silk, will ensure they look and feel beautiful for a long time. We highly recommend dry cleaning your delicate garments for the best result, as this will help keep the elegant lustre of the fabric.

However, if you are looking for a more eco friendly alternative you can gently handwash, inside out in cool water. Use a gentle detergent, mild shampoo or baby shampoo. Never soak delicates as this can damages the fabric. Drip dry in the shade or indoors, avoid drying in direct sunlight as this may fade the colour.

When removing creases steaming will give the best result; however you may also cool iron or hang in a steamy bathroom should you not have a steamer at home.

Silk is prone to stains from body oils and oily foods. Let body lotions fully dry before wearing silk garments. Should a stain occur acting on it quickly is key, apply talcum powder to the stain to absorb the majority of the oil, dabbing with a dry flannel. Then wash the garment to remove what is left of the stain. For tough stain removal we recommend dry cleaning.

TIP: Silk garments do not hold the dirt and odours that synthetic garments do so can be aired in the shade between wears to keep it fresh.